UCD Conference Overview

The Goldilocks of Conferences, our annual UCD conference in London has earned a reputation as the industry’s alternative hangout.

Not too big, not too small, with a program that’s more TEDx and Ux, it’s an antidote to conventional conference fatigue. Hear what previous delegates say on our UCD UK Conferences YouTube channel.

Patrick W. Jordan – Interview – #UCD15

Over two days, design leaders, thinkers and practitioners from all disciplines come together to swap stories, and to hear many of the brightest stars in our constellation talk about how Design is disrupting, transforming and improving our world and the lives of the people in it.

Delegate Profile

We are anticipating around 300 delegates over the two days. Our audience comprises:

CEOs, Company Founders, Directors, UX Directors and Consultants, Academics, Director of Programmes, Senior UX designers, Strategy Directors

Umesh Pandya – Interview – #UCD15

Why Sponsor?

We are delighted to present you with this unique opportunity to get involved in the UK’s best known ‘alternative’ User Centred Design 2-day conference. With an audience of up to 300 high level designers, thinkers and practitioners and an unrivalled programme of talks from UK- and internationally-renowned speakers at the top of their game, as well as from exciting innovators quickly gaining respect within the industry, this conference offers a fantastic chance to raise the profile of your organisation to a key audience of decision-makers.

Alberta Soranza – Interview – #UCD15

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