UCD2015 Conference Highlights Reel #UCD15

A highlight reel from UCD15 Conference, The Goldilocks of Conferences™ a unique User-Centred Design conference in London.  Speakers in order; Karl Smith Founder of UCD UK Conferences, Founder and Director The Human Centered Design Society, Jonathan Lovatt Young Head of Service and Experience design at Tribal Worldwide, Simon Nixon Product and UX Consultant, Jeff Golthelf, Author and Speaker, […]

UCD UK Conferences launch YouTube channel

UCD UK Conferences has launched a YouTube channel with talks from #UCD15 and attendee interviews. Helen Munchie – Interview – #UCD15 where are the people in BigData and the IoT, designing for the future how products should be influenced by UCD. See them all here UCD UK Conferences  on YouTube and subscribe to get new content as […]

Julian Hirst becomes a director of UCD UK

We are excited to announce that Julian Hirst has accepted a leadership role at UCD UYK Conferences. Julian is a design and innovation leader, he has more than 15 years’ experience working with (and for) sophisticated organisations that invest in service design and digital engagement. His full profile is available here Julian Hirst – Director.